Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will you be observing the Fall Feast Days?

The fall feast days are coming up.  I hope all true Christians will be celebrating the feast days.

The fall feast days are celebrated in preparation for the end times when they will be fulfilled:

Sept. 18 (Thu) Feast of Trumpets, for an in depth study of this feast click here
Sept. 27  (Sat.) Day of Atonement – Fasting Day
Oct 2      (Thu)  Feast of Tabernacles
Oct 9      (Thu) Last Great Day.
Below is an overview of these feast days. 

Feast of Trumpets – Reminds us to be listening for the Last Trump

Celebrated in the 7th month, on the 1st day.  No ordinary work should be performed.
Historically:  They assembled together and blew their trumpets.  They made offerings for their sin.  They also made a food offering to Yahweh.
Today we are to celebrate and remember that the last trump warns us that Jesus’ second coming and the Day of Judgment is near.  We should assembly and have a meal together.  We should thank our Heavenly Father for our food.   We should do no ordinary work on this day.  This is a rehearsal for the end times.  Blow a trumpet or bugle since it is a day to remember the promises of the trumpet call.  We are to be sober and aware.
Prophecy:  When we do hear the last trump which is a loud sound that will be heard around the world, we must prepared for the Day of Judgment.  The trump may sound like thunder.  If you live in a city, you must prepare to leave and go to a safe place.  The trump or loud sound is your warning that you must have totally repented of your sins and you should go to a safe place.  The last trump is when the dead in Christ will be risen.  The dead in Christ will regain their glory.

Day of Atonement – Day of Fasting, Sacrifice our Sins – Preparation for the Day of Judgment

When:  The 7th month, on the 10th day. No ordinary work is to be performed.
Historically:  A yearly assembly to make atonement for their sin.  They afflicted themselves, meaning fasted. The Levite Priest was to bath with water to cleanse themselves.  They let Azazel the scapegoat astray since this would be a reminder that Azazel would continue to be let astray until the Judgment day.  Azazel was released just like Cain was released into the wilderness after he murdered his brother Abel.  The High Priest offered the other goat to our Heavenly Father as a sin offering for the whole nation of Israel.  See all of Lev chapter 16 for process.
Today we must fast and sacrifice our sin in preparation for the Day of Judgment.  Jesus is our High Priest that we must pray to for the sins of our nation and for our own sins.  When we atone or reconcile are sins to Ho Theos through our High Priest Jesus, we are returned to his favor.  We should remember that Azazel’s teachings are still causing sin amongst the nations.  We must totally repent in order to get our resurrection body.  [Jesus being the high priest is documented in Hebrews and it is called the order of Melchizedek.  The order of Melchizedek also explains are family priesthood.]
Prophecy:  The Day of Judgment will come and we will be judged.  Azazel will be judged and will be put to death.  All the nations led astray will be judged also as stated in Revelations.  Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats as stated in Mathew 25.

Feast of Tabernacles, Booths, Ingathering or Completion – We are the Final Harvest

When:  On the 15th day of the 7th month.  For seven days.  The first day no ordinary work can be done for seven days.
Historically:  They made a temporary structure to live in for seven days in the hills or away from home.  They read the laws of Moses during this time.  They presented food offering each of the seven days.
Today it is a rehearsal for the final days.  We are to celebrate by living in a temporary structure, like a tent, for seven days.  During this time we should read our bible and study the laws of Moses.  We are to remember that our bodies are our temporary dwelling.  It is a preparation knowing how to live in a temporary structure during the end times.  It will prepare us for the seven years of tribulation when the battle of Armageddon will occur.
Prophecy:  We are the final harvest when Jesus returns.  When Jesus comes many of us will be living in temporary shelter due to losing our homes or because we must flee from the city for safety.
For more information about the feast days see this page.