Bible Geneaolgy

The bible goes into details in many places regarding the genealogies of Adam and Eve's descendants.  So they must be pretty important.  After documenting these genealogies, I realized they are very important to have handy when reading the bible.  Without them you would sometimes miss important facts.

Many of the places that Adam's descendants migrated to I think maybe wrong in my documentation and I need to spend time updating this; however, the trees are correct since they all came from the bible.  

So here is my documentation:

Adam's Descendants

Noah's Descendants

Shem's Descendants

Ham's Descendants

Japhetic's Descendants

Nahor & Abraham's Descendants

Isaac and Esau's Descendants

Everyone has my permission to publish these charts on their internet site or use them for home study.

I have tried a few times to document the descendants of Jacob/Israel, the father of all Israelites, however the chart gets overcrowded real fast.

Jesus' or Yehshua's genealogy is shown on this page.