Sunday, September 14, 2014

12 Tribes of Israel Migration & yDNA

Below is the Israelite migration map below.

For a more detailed and larger map, click here.

This Israelite migration map above shows the same migration as the yDNA haplogroups R and I in the map below.

(Ignore the 'Thousands of Years Ago' since they add time using a chimp calculation based on evolution theories.)

Haplogroup I represents the Israelites earliest migration out of the Mesopotamia area.  Haplogroup R is the later migrations.  See this site for more information.  mtDNA & Y-DNA of the British Isles

The British Monarchy is descendant of the House of David and some of the branches of this monarchy yDNA has been tested.  Their yDNA results prove that they are all Haplogroup R1b.  This includes the Tsar Nicholas II of the Mountbatten dynasty, King Charles II of the Stuart dynasty, and Prince Albert of the Windsor dynasty. 

These links provide more information:

Haplogroups I, R and Q are the Israelites of the bible!

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