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King Arthur, Prince Madoc and the White Indians


I have been researching my family genealogy since 2001 and many times I have chatted with other researchers that state that they were told they had an Indian grandpa or grandpa in their ancestry, however, they cannot figure out who it would be.  In fact my mom told me back in when I started working on the family genealogy that she had a grandma that was an Indian princess.  I still have not figured out who the Indian princess might be.  However, I have found that I do have an Indian grandma on my dad’s side of the family which I will tell you more about below.

I believe that the reason that people cannot find their Indian grandpa and grandmas is due to the fact that everyone seems to believe that all Indians have dark skin since this is the way that television reflects them today.  The truth is that there were many white tribes and there were also wild or savage tribes - This is the way I found them described in old newspapers.  It appears that all people, no matter what their skin color was, were referred to as Native Americans or Indians if they lived here prior to the Mayflower Pilgrim’s arrival in 1620.   The Indians of east coast of American origins were mostly of Caucasian ancestry.  The Indians with west coast American origins were of Mongolia/Asian ancestry. 

The five civilized tribes were known as the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles.  This link shows that the Cherokees had homes built from wood just like Europeans, see here. Some of the Indians were not considered civilized since they were against the Europeans taking over their land that Yahweh provided them.   Indian comes from the word indigenous.

Prince Madoc & King Arthur’s voyage to America 562 AD

The videos below show historical and archaeological proof that many Welsh/British people came to America in 574 AD and settled on the east coast of America, known as the New World back then.  It also explains that these people were of Cimmerian ancestry.  The Cimmerians are also known as the Kimmerians.   The Cimmerians were descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel and were white Christians.   A summary of their migration to America is as follows according to the video:

·         In 562 AD a comet hits Britain making a lot of land inhabitable. This causes many Britains to move north to more habitable land.  When the comet hit, Prince Madoc was at sea and it cause his boat to drift off course and he ended up in America. 

·         In 572 AD, Prince Madoc returned to Britain and told, his brother, King Arthur II about America.  
·         In about 574 AD, King Arthur II and approximately 70,000 Europeans migrated in 700 boats to America.  These new arrivals to America later became known as Native Americas or Indians.  I’m sure they became part of the Five Civilized Tribes.

·         In 579AD, King Arthur II was killed, in Kentucky, by a naked savage and was returned to Britain for burial. 

The most prominent early Indian tribes in Kentucky were the Cherokee, Chickasaws, and Shawnee.  Shawnee Indians were considered uncivilized.  Since there were tribes that were considered uncivilized tribes in the area, one of them was probably responsible for King Arthur’s death.

Reflected below is an American Indian Tribe map.  They consider before ‘European contact’ to mean before the Mayflower Pilgrims arrived in 1620.

Here is a more detailed map of the Kentucky area showing the Indians that lived in the area where King Arthur II was murdered.  There were a few uncivilized tribes in the area.

To view full map, click  here.

The true Cimmerians though were probably the Seminole Indians.  Seminole is derived from cimarrĂ³n, a Spanish term for "runaway" or "wild one", historically used for certain Native American groups in Florida.  The Cimmerians were running away from Assyrian captivity.

The is a river named Cimarron River in the United States and Wikipedia says it means ‘wild sheep’.

According to Wikipedia, there is no proof the Cimmerians came from the region north of the Caucasus in Europe.

My Grandma Winnie

Family tradition is that my Grandma Winnie Lowry was a Cherokee Indian.  She married George Wood in 1814 in Kentucky.  They did live in Cherokee territory.  In 1835, when quite a few of the Cherokees were relocated to Oklahoma, there were 8 Lowry families and 14 Wood families included in the Trail of Tears list.  So it is quite possible that she was a Cherokee Indian.  They were not one of the families that relocated.  However, in 1855 George Wood committed suicide then Winnie and the whole family sold their property right away and moved to Missouri.  So something horrible happened that caused this event and prompted the family to move.  Below is a picture Winnie sitting in a rocking chair.

 My father’s mtDNA (maternal) was tested and his results show he is haplogroup ‘H’.  Therefore, Winnie Lowry is also haplogroup ‘H’.  Famous people with the same mtDNA are Maria Theresa, Queen Victoria, and the Apostle Luke.  Therefore, this is proof that Winnie is of white Caucasian descendant and she is a descendant to the 12 Tribes of Israel just as Queen Victoria is a descendant of King David and Luke descendant to the tribe of Benjamin.

My Autsomal DNA was tested and the results show I am of Caucasian ancestry only.  I have no black or Mongolian or non-European DNA in me.  Therefore, Winnie has to be of pure white European stock.

Indian Chiefs and Princesses

Statue published in the newspaper in 1917 of an Indian Chief.

In 1919, this Indian Chief visited with the Prince of Wales.

A 1917 picture of a Princess from the Penobscot Tribe.

Prayer card purchased at the San Gabriel Mission in California.

Lizzie Rattling Gourd

A third cousin of mine did marry a woman whose great grandpa was on the trail of tears list.  My cousin’s name was David McNeal and his wife was Lizzie Rattling Gourd.  Back when they married, it was against the law to marry a different race here in America.  It was not legal until 1967 and then all states started allowing different races to marry. 

Below is my documentation on Lizzie’s and her family.  Notice in the documentation that there is confusion as to whether she is white or an Indian. 

Lizzie is descendant to Jackson Rattlingourd who is on the Trail of Tears list.

The US 1900 census reflects Lizzie at age 10 and her race was ‘In’ for Indian. It reflects her father was Thomas Gourd, an Indian, and his parents were born in Georgia. Her mother is Sallie and is reflected as ‘white’.  They were living in ‘Indian Territory’ which is now the state of Oklahoma.  Click on this link to see the census:  1900 Cherokee Nation Oklahoma Indian Census (Lizzie age 10 on line 33)

Here the family is shown on the Dawes of the Five Civilized Tribes list of 1902 as Rattlingourd – Their Type is ‘BB’ which means By Blood.  The Dawes list is also shown here with Rattlingourd.  Therefore, they are confirmed Cherokee Indians by blood.

The 1906 Miller Roll shows Lizzie as ‘Eliza’ and it shows her father Thomas also.

The 1910 US census shows that Lizzie is now married to David McNeal.  Lizzie is shown on line 56 and her race is reflected as ‘white’.  See this link: 1910 Federal Census, Oklahoma

The US census of 1920 shows Lizzie on line 61 and her race is ‘white’.  See this link:  1920 Federal Census, Oklahoma

The 1920 Federal Census for Lizzie’s father Thomas or Tom reflects he is ‘white’ also.  His wife Sallie had died and he has a new wife.

On the 1930 US Census Lizzie is now reflected with the race of ‘In’ which means Indian.  See this link on line 34: 1930 Federal Census, Oklahoma Lizzie’s father’s birthplace of Oklahoma has been stamped over with the words ‘mixed blood’ indicating that her father Thomas was of ‘mixed blood’.

Lizzie’s genealogy is posted here.  Notice her Rattling Gourd line kept marrying into English or Scottish last names – therefore, the Rattling Gourds had to be white Indians or otherwise this would not be allowed by law.

Lizzie’s findagrave marker shows her as Laura Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Rattling Gourd.  Here is her mother Sallie’s findagrave page shows a picture of the family.  Here is her great grandpa Jackson’s findagrave page.

The Rattlinggroud Family
Lizzie and her family all appear to be of white stock; however, the US government wanted them to appear to be different from the rest of the population.  I have documented more information about the government’s role in the Trail of Tears here.

In the News

Below are a few Newspaper articles about the Indians in America.

1838 news in column 3:  It is reported that the aborigines might be the lost tribes of Israel and that their feast days resemble the biblical feast days. Below is how the news article starts out, to see the full article click on the year. Notice they called Yahweh 'Yah-ho-he-wah'.

1873 news in column 4:  The Five Civilized Tribes had the responsibility of US citizenship; however they were not considered citizens.   He also states he is against the concentrating the civil and wild Indians into the same location.  See clips below.

1875 news in column 6:  The cost of the Indians report explains that the civil tribes will not be costing much but the wild Indians will take more money to make them civil.  See clip below.

It is my belief that many white tribes were considered uncivilized since they were attacking the new European settlers that were taking over their land that they had in their families for thousands of years.  The white Indians were 'free people' that were not subject to taxes and so forth prior to European arrival.

1847 news of the Rocky Mountain Indians that state they are from Azlan.  Azlan was near Michigan & Ohio.  These Indians had blue eyes and blonde hair.

1848 news of White Indians 

1851 Colonization of America Mounds - very good article that reflects life began in America.

A book written in 1848 regarding the mounds of the Mississippi Valley.
Ye shall make to me an altar of earth; and upon it ye shall sacrifice your whole burnt-offerings, and your peace-offerings, and your sheep and your calves in every place, where I shall record my name; and I will come to thee and bless thee.   And if thou wilt make to me an altar of stones, thou shalt not build them hewn stones; for thou hast lifted up thy tool upon them, and they are defiled.  Thou shalt not go up to my altar by steps, that thou mayest not uncover thy nakedness upon it.”  Sep Exo 20:24-26

The relationship between the Indians and the May Day celebration. 

Celtics and Indians Cousins


There were many different tribes of Indians living in America.  Many were of white ancestry and were considered civil.  They were Indigenous to America.

Many white Americans probably do have white Indian ancestors and they just do not know it. 
The history of the Caucasian race has and is being hidden from us so much that we have lost our true identity.  

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