Our Father's Inspired Scriptures

Several years ago I decided to read the bible again but did not know which version to read.  There are so many out there these days.  I really did not feel inclined to read the King James Version since I do not feel right about that since I'm a Mayflower descendant.  My ancestors did not like the Church of England or the King James Version of the bible.  When they sailed America they brought the Geneva bible with them. 

 I had learn previously about various mistranslation of the bible so I downloaded several free version from olivetree.com to do a comparison and then realized that was not helpful since I did not know which one was the right one.  Now I know that the only inspired versions are the original text in their original languages Ancient Paleo Hebrew (Dead Sea Scrolls) and Greek Septuagint. 

The apostles and Jesus quoted from the Septuagint.  The Septuagint was the Old Testament of the day.  The Septuagint is about 1000 years older than the Masoretic text.

I recently found this book written in 1841 called 'The English Hexapla' which is a free download.  Below is a sample page.  The first part of the book tells the history of the English bible and the second part of the book shows the early translations of the New Testament.  Our current versions are quite different.  

Another good tool for research is the Interlinear Septuagint since you can identify the original Greek word easily and then look up the word.  Here is a link to the Interlinear version.  Once you have the original Greek word you can look up the meaning in Wiktionary.org.