Jesus' Ancestry & Bible Timeline

The links below provides lots of information about Jesus' ancestry and family history.

Jesus' Ancestry  This ancestry chart includes historical information about Jesus' ancestors. (updated 9/28/15)

Jesus'Ancestry with Dates This ancestry chart compares the timeline in the Masoretic (KJV) against the timeline in the Septuagint. There are three Kings reflected in red that are not part of Yahshua's ancestry, however they are required to calculated dates.  Using the timeline from the King James Version, I came up with Adam being born 4192BC.  When I use the Septuagint, Adam was born 5697BC.  (updated 9/28/15)

Timeline of Biblical and Early Christian Events  This timeline by Rev. David A. Kind, also uses the Septuagint and show Adam being born 5501BC.  His timeline has lots of great information.

Southern Mesopotamia Timeline of Rulers

Anno Mundi in Christianity  This Wikipedia article shows the birth of Adam or date of creation being 5530BC.  (this article is stating creation starts with Adam and it actually started before Adam was formed)

I have seen other timelines that also show Adam being born about 5500 and do believe that is correct, however, I cannot come up with that exact date.  If anyone knows where I made a mistake, please let me know.

Here is an online Septuagint.