Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Which Religion? There are so many today.

Over a year and half ago I decided to reread the bible.  As I started I did a lot of thinking about why my ancestors brought the Christian religion with them on the Mayflower.  They could have brought Hinduism or Buddhism with them but they did not.  Why did they read the Geneva Bible and bring the Christian religion to America, I was wondering?  We are constantly told that the people of the Old Testament are the Jews, so why should I care about reading their history?  Why did our ancestors care?  Which church is the right church to attend?  These are the questions I was hoping to answer as I read the Bible.  I did listen to several different internet radio pastors and realized I had to turn them off and just read and document the word of Yahweh and organize my own thoughts prior to listening to another Pastor.  I have come to conclusions on some of these questions which I do plan to share on this blog.

I went to church for years twice a week and realize now that I never gained a true understanding of Yahweh’s word.  I did learn in church that many false prophets would be here in the end times but I never put together that the pastor of the church I was attending was a false prophet.  I was told that the Mormon Church I attended when I was young was a cult so I became a born again Christian.  I attended the Evangelical Church for years and last year I heard this church was a cult since they did not teach all the books of the Bible.  It is true that the Evangelical church never taught me that you should read the Bible from the start to the end.  The Evangelical church wanted you to use their Bible reading plan that only had you read certain books and passages. 

At the time I started rereading the bible, I made this religion flowchart so that I could think about this while reading the bible. I have attended many different churches in my life and I wanted to ensure that I attended a bible believing church this time.  Here is a copy of the flow chart that will maybe help you decide.

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